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At Denver Law, our goal is to empower you with legal knowledge, as well as teach you how to put that knowledge into practice. Our LLM programs provide you the legal expertise to make valuable and immediate contributions in your field. LLM options are open to U.S. lawyers, JD students, foreign lawyers and law graduates. 

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Current Student Resources

Denver Law offers many exciting and new opportunities for graduate students, and we understand that you will have many questions, both about your education and everyday life, during your time at the University of Denver. While navigating your studies, LLM students may find the following information helpful. 

  • Student Resources

    The following information will be valuable during your time at the Sturm College of Law. 

  • Graduation Requirements

    Sturm College of Law Graduation Requirements

    A student must achieve at least a 2.7 cumulative grade point average to graduate from the Sturm College of Law with any degree other than a Juris Doctor. The Sturm College of Law will not graduate and will dismiss any students who have satisfied the course requirements for graduation in a non-JD program, but who have not maintained the required minimum 2.7 cumulative grade point average.

    Students must complete the required minimum credit hours in order to graduate. This will likely be either 24 semester credits or 30 semester credits, depending on the specific program. Please visit the respective pages for each program for more information regarding credit requirements. The summer semester is considered a “regular term” for purposes of evaluating satisfactory progress toward good standing.

    Please note that College of Law does not rank non-JD students. All final degree certification is completed by the Office of Graduate Education.

    Graduation Procedures

    It is student’s responsibility to be aware of his or her progress in fulfilling degree/certificate requirements. Students are encouraged to track their progress on a regular basis using the Degree Audit in PioneerWeb. For detailed instructions on using the Degree Audit, please click here. You can access your unofficial transcript through PioneerWeb.

    It is also student’s responsibility to follow the required procedures and adhere to the timelines necessary to apply for graduation, as outline below. Please note that dual degree JD/LLM students must submit a separate graduation application for the LLM program.

    Forms to Complete


    LLM (non-Tax), MLS and MSLA: Apply for graduation by the end of the first week of the semester of intended graduation.

    Tax (LLM and MT): Apply by the add/drop deadline at least two quarters prior to the intended quarter of graduation.

    Commencement Information

    Attendance is optional. Students who participate in a graduation ceremony are required to wear the appropriate academic regalia. The Graduate Tax program hosts their own graduation exercises.

    For information relating to the University of Denver graduation ceremonies, please click here.
    For details regarding the Sturm College of Law commencement activities, please click here.

  • LLM and Master's Student Policies

    LLM, MLS, and MSLA Students

    Non-JD Student Grading Policy:

    All non-JD students (LLM, MLS, MT, MSLA, special status students for credit, and those coming from other units seeking transfer credit) are graded separately from JD students when enrolled in courses that are part of the JD curriculum. Faculty will evaluate the work of non-JD students independently from the work of the JD students in the same class. Faculty are given discretion to decide upon the evaluation methods appropriate for each course for the non-JD students.

    The Sturm College of Law employs a letter grade system of A through F. If there are more than 10 non-JD students in a course, the grades issued to those students, evaluated independently of the JD students, must have a mean between 3.4 and 3.6. If the grades issued in a course for a group of more than 10 non-JD students substantially deviate from the mandatory curve, the professor must provide the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs with adequate justification for the deviation. The Associate Dean shall make the final determination of whether an adequate justification exists for the substantial deviation. If the Associate Dean determines that adequate justification does not exist, the professor, the Associate Dean, or the Registrar shall reconfigure the grades.

    Note: The current JD grading policy applies to the remaining JD students in a course with a combined JD and non-JD student populations; specifically, grading is subject to current mean/median range if there are more than 10 remaining JD students. Dual JD/LLM students are graded in accordance with the JD Program guidelines.

    A student must repeat any required course in which his or her grade was “F”. Students may elect to repeat any course in which they receive a grade of “F” but both grades are recorded on the transcript and will be used to compute a student’s grade point average.

    All other examination and grading procedures are aligned with the Sturm College of Law policies, as outlined here.

    Academic Probation and Dismissal:

    A full-time non-JD student (enrolled in at least 8 credits per term) whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.7 after the first term of study will be put on probation and issued a written probationary letter. The student’s academic progress will be monitored closely (but with no impact on merit-based aid) in the second term of enrollment. If the student’s GPA remains below 2.7 after two consecutive terms, the student may be terminated. Part-time student performance and probation/termination timelines will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

    Depending on individual advising and GPA calculations, a student may elect to take up to 30 credits in a 24 credit program and up to 36 credits in a 30 credit program in order to remedy the deficiency and reach good academic standing to be eligible to graduate.

    If a student is terminated and chooses to reapply to a program, the time limit to complete the degree may not automatically be reset, and there is no guarantee a student will be readmitted upon completing the application process. A petition for readmission may be submitted to the Director of the student’s academic non-JD program. It will be determined by GLS whether or not a further petition to the Associate Provost for Graduate Studies is appropriate, but such petitions shall be granted only in extraordinary circumstances.

    Additional Information

    Disability and ESL Student Accommodation Information

  • Careers & Externships

    The Office of Career Development (CDO) is dedicated to helping Denver Law students and alumni meet the needs of today's dynamic legal workplace. From the career planning stage, through applications, interviews and beyond, we can help you every step of the way.

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    As one of the largest and most robust programs in the nation, Denver Law's Legal Externship Program offers you an effective and comprehensive bridge to go from law student to lawyer.

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  • Tuition & Financial Aid

    The Sturm College of Law offers numerous forms of financial aid, including federal student loans and generous scholarships, to ensure our graduate students can pursue their educational goals. 

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Application Deadlines

  • LLM Program

    Fall 2024 Semester:

    • Application Opens: September 1, 2023
    • Priority Deadline – May 1, 2024**
    • Final deadline – July 31, 2024

    Spring 2025 Semester (Classes begin January 4, 2025):

    • Application Opens: May 1, 2024
    • Priority Deadline – October 1, 2024**
    • Final deadline – December 15, 2024

    Fall 2025 Semester:

    • Application Opens: September 1, 2024
    • Priority Deadline – May 1, 2025**
    • Final deadline – July 31, 2025