Study Abroad

If you are interested in pursuing a career in international, environmental, business, immigration or even criminal or regulatory law, studying abroad provides an opportunity to learn a new language, introduces the legal institutions of another country and offers opportunities to take courses not offered at the Sturm College of Law.

International law courses taken abroad can count toward the International Law Certificate offered through the International Legal Studies Program. Denver Law offers study abroad programs in Sorrento, Italy; a JD/LLM concurrent program in Madrid, Spain; and graduate studies in Lund, Sweden. You can also choose one of the many ABA-approved programs offered through other U.S. law schools in countries around the world.

ABA-Approved Programs

Sorrento study abroad

Italy Summer Program

Sorrento, Italy

Applications are now closed for summer 2023

As part of the Italy summer program, students spend four weeks in Sorrento, Italy earning up to 6 course credits in international and comparative law courses. They will also go on tours and receive an introduction to Italian and European culture.

Five courses will be offered in summer 2023. Students must take Introduction to Italian Law. All other courses are optional. The courses offered this summer are as follows:

  • Comparative Competition Law, 1 credit hour
  • Comparative Corporate Governance, 2 credit hours
  • Introduction to Italian Law, 1 credit hour
  • Comparative Approaches to Freedom of Speech, 2 credit hours
  • European Privacy and Information Law, 2 credit hours

Host Institution: Sant’Anna Institute, Sorrento, Italy

Program Manual

Dates: May 22-June 15, 2023

Study abroad in Sorrento provides an incomparable international experience. Students get to live in a foreign country while improving their linguistic and cross-cultural communication skills, providing a perspective that encourages greater opportunities in the world community and enhances the student’s outlook in multiple ways. Students can gain a better understanding of the international climate, gain experience and make a positive impact.

Externship Program:

If you intend to do a Denver Law externship for credit after this program, you are limited to 2 field credits. Please note, students who have not done an externship before with Denver Law have to attend a mandatory morning orientation and sometimes a front-loaded seminar that afternoon, which typically occurs the Thursday before classes in Italy begin. If you intend to work for credit, attendance is required. The Externship Program and Study Abroad program have worked closely together to organize this timing so students can both make it to Italy on time for this unique experience and participate in our nationally recognized externship program. Please contact before making flight reservations if you intend to work for credit. Generally, please be in touch with the externship program about your interests and timing, and to ensure you are aware of requirements. Contact or Faculty Director Prof. Alexi Freeman at

Questions and Resources:

Please direct any questions to Professor Celia Taylor or Allison Peters.

Madrid Study Abroad

Madrid Concurrent Program

Madrid, Spain

As part of the Madrid concurrent program, 3L students spend one year in Madrid, Spain, earning dual degrees: a European LLM degree from Universidad Pontificia Comillas and an American JD degree from the Sturm College of Law. Students will attend full-time courses in international and European business law. 

Host Institution: Universidad Pontificia Comillas, Madrid, Spain 

How do I get started: Complete the program application for Sturm College of Law Students or contact Allison Peters, Director of Advising, at

Program Application

Dates: Sept. 4 – Dec. 22 (Fall Semester); Jan. 15 – April 30 (Spring Semester); May 1 – July 31 (Voluntary Internship)

The University of Denver Sturm College of Law is proud to offer its first concurrent international study program in partnership with the Universidad Pontificia Comillas in Madrid, Spain. Students can attend their full third year of law school in Madrid to earn a European LLM, while simultaneously earning an American JD from Denver Law.


The curriculum is taught fully in English by a faculty of top professors and practicing lawyers from throughout the European Union. The curriculum takes a truly global and practical approach to international business law. Law students will also have the chance to enrich their education through law firm visits, mentoring, seminars, internships and more.

International Appeal

In addition to Denver Law and other U.S. law schools, the program attracts students from all over the world, including countries like Venezuela, China, Panama, Italy, Mexico and France. Students from the Universidad Pontificia Comillas also have the chance to attend the Sturm College of Law as part of the exchange program.

Program Flyer
Download a copy of the program flyer.

Questions and Resources
Please direct any questions to Allison Peters, Director of Advising, at

  • Application Procedure

    In order to apply for admission, it is necessary to complete the application for admission online.

    Go to “Application for admission.”

    Documents to be submitted:

    • Application signed (soft copy)
    • Original or certified copy of the degree certificate (Bachelor). Foreign degree certificates must be authenticated prior to submission. The usual mechanisms for authentication are through diplomatic channels (inquire at the Spanish Embassy or Consulate) or, in case of degree certificates issued in countries that have subscribed to the Hague Convention, by Apostille.
    • Original or certified copy of the full transcript of grades, with the number of credits and workload hours. If the course of study has not been completed, a transcript of the courses so far completed shall be submitted.
    • Photocopy of passport.
    • Certificate of knowledge of languages, when applicable.
    • Curriculum vitae.
    • A personal written document stating the reasons why the applicant wishes to commence or continue postgraduate studies at this university and in this program.
    • Certificate proving the level of studies.

    Send hard copies (soft copy is only acceptable for application form) to:

    Universidad Pontificia Comillas International Relations Office
    Facultad de Derecho / Faculty of Law  
    Julia Meijide Latorre
    Decanato / Dean’s Office (2nd floor)
    C/Alberto Aguilera, 23
    28015 – Madrid (Spain)

    For definitive admission to the program, the documents which have not been issued in Spanish or English must have an official translation to Spanish attached. This translation must be made by an official sworn interpreter duly authorized or registered in Spain, by any Diplomatic or Consular Representation of the Spanish State in the country of the applicant or, possibly, of the country of origin of the document.

    Deadline for submitting documents (recommended): May 31

    Uncompleted applications submitted by May 31 might suffer a delay in processing.

    The letter of acceptance to apply for the visa at the Spanish consulate will be sent to the sending university within approximately two weeks after receiving the complete application package. Please bear in mind that obtaining a visa can take 2-3 months (consult with Spanish Consulate).

lund, sweden

Lund Graduate Semester Exchange Program

Lund, Sweden

Graduate students will earn 30 credits per semester. Over 700 courses (both graduate and undergraduate) are taught in both English and Swedish, including courses in law at the graduate level.

Host Institution: Lund University, Lund, Sweden 

Resources: DU Study Abroad at Lund University

Program Flyer


Denver Law & University of Western Australia Study Abroad and Dual JD Degree Program

This innovative dual-degree program gives Juris Doctor students the opportunity to study abroad and obtain two JD degrees, one from the University of Denver and one from University of Western Australia, in four years. There is also a one-year study abroad option. Students enrolled in the Sturm College of Law JD program can spend their third year at UWA and earn their JD degree from Denver Law at end of that third year. They will not earn a degree from the University of Western Australia, provided they have completed all Sturm College of Law required courses and co-curricular requirements before beginning their study abroad in Australia.

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